About Primechain

Born in August 2016, Primechain Technologies is a blockchain startup with the mission of building blockchains for a better world.

We believe

We believe that by 2020, blockchain technology will enable massive social upliftment and economic prosperity, the likes of which the world has never seen before. Blockchains will minimise fraud and maximise efficiency, security & transparency in supply chains, healthcare, global money systems, financial technologies, democratic elections, auction of public assets, energy trading, electronic record authentication, delivery of Government services, IoT and much much more....

...and Primechain Technologies will lead this global economic and social revolution.

Our projects

  • BankChain community of 37 banks for exploring, building and implementing blockchain solutions.
  • TRADE-Chain, the global blockchain for trade finance.
  • Primechain API, enables developers to add blockchain power to their code in minutes.
  • Primechain-AUTH, a global permissioned blockchain for authenticating the world's devices.
  • Blockchain Security Controls, the world’s first security controls and recommendations for blockchain implementations.
  • Our open source projects include YobiChain: the 5-minute blockchain and blockchain eKYC solution built on Hyperledger Sawtooth.
  • We are recognized as a startup by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.
  • We have conducted 50+ events - Future Money Conference, BlockZero Chennai, BlockZero Mumbai, blockathons, training sessions and meetings. Sponsors include IBM, Dell, Intel, Contact Singapore, Bitkan, KPMG, Fintech Valley Vizag, Government of Andhra Pradesh.
  • We are working closely with global tech companies including Microsoft, Intel & IBM.
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