About Primechain

Primechain is a young startup born with the mission of building blockchains for a better world.

Primechain Technologies was co-founded in August 2016 by Rohas Nagpal and Shinam Arora.

Our proprietary blockchain libraries and frameworks enable us to quickly build secure and scalable solutions.

Our blockchain powered products:
1. Primechain CONTRACT
2. Primechain MONEY

We have filed for a provisional US patent titled "Transparent self-managing Know Your Customer (KYC) program using blockchain and smart contracts".

We have conducted over 20 events - Future Money Conference, BlockZero Chennai, BlockZero Mumbai, blockathons, training sessions and meetings.

Sponsors include IBM, Contact Singapore, Bitkan, KPMG, Fintech Valley Vizag, Government of Andhra Pradesh. Delegates from more than 70 Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Technology companies have attended these events.

We operate the BankChain community of banks for exploring, building and implementing blockchain solutions. Formed in February 2017 with State Bank of India (one of the largest banks in the world) being the first member, BankChain now has 30 members from India and the Middle East.

We offer blockchain powered solutions for several industry sectors including:
1. Banking
2. Capital Markets
3. Government
4. Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
5. Insurance
6. Manufacturing
7. Aviation
8. Shipping & Logistics
9. Telecommunications
10. Defence & Military

YobiChain , our open source project, enables anyone to build a private blockchain ecosystem preloaded with development tools, database, web & FTP servers and blockchain proof-of-concept applications within minutes!