The global marketplace for invoice discounting

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The global marketplace for invoice discounting


    Invoice discounting (also known as Factoring and Supply Chain Finance) enables suppliers to sell their invoices at a discount to investors (Banks, Financial Institutions). This enables suppliers to get faster access to money they are owed and enables buyers to get more time to pay.

    Instead of relying on the creditworthiness of suppliers (usually smaller businesses), the investors deal with buyers (usually larger businesses). This can lower financing costs, optimize working capital and improve business efficiency.

The problem & pain-points

  • Investors deal with the suppliers / vendors (usually smaller businesses). This creates a higher risk of default.
  • There are thousands of factors and platforms with low availability of quality invoices.
  • Most existing factors and platforms operate at a local / country level.
  • Multiple KYC platforms operating in silos.
  • Price discovery is not possible.
  • Absence of credible credit rating.

The solution

    Invoice-CHAIN is a blockchain-powered global marketplace for the multi-trillion dollar invoice discounting industry.

    How Invoice-CHAIN solves the problems in invoice-discounting:
  • Investors deal directly with buyers (large and highly credible businesses). This creates a very low risk of default.
  • Invoice-CHAIN is a global blockchain that can be used by all banks, Financial Institutions, and existing factors and platforms.
  • Centralized KYC built into Invoice-CHAIN. Single source of truth.
  • Accurate price discovery.
  • Immutable and authentic credit rating based on reviews provided by participants.

  • Availability

    Invoice-CHAIN is available in two modes - web application and API service.

  • Web application: The web application is the simplest way of using Invoice-CHAIN and requires no integration or additional hardware / software.

  • API service: The API service is suitable for Banks and Financial Institutions and requires additional hardware, software, and integration with existing / legacy systems.