Redefining the global invoice discounting and debt markets.


    Primechain-MONEY is redefining the global invoice discounting and debt markets.

    The combination of blockchain-powered marketplaces with a transparent review system and immutable KYC and charge registries packs a very powerful punch.

    Primechain-MONEY has 8 components:
  • Marketplace for Invoice discounting
  • Marketplace for private debt instruments
  • Marketplace for Government Securities
  • Charge Registry
  • Corporate KYC and due-diligence platform
  • Document authentication & verification using Electronic Signatures
  • Platform for issuance, storage and distribution of Trade Documents
  • Transparent review platform


    Primechain-MONEY is available in two modes - web application and API service.

  • Web application: The web application is the simplest way of using Primechain-MONEY and requires no integration or additional hardware / software.

  • API service: This requires additional hardware, software, and integration with existing / legacy systems.

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