Primechain Products

1. Primechain CONTRACT

Primechain-CONTRACT is a permissioned, private, blockchain-powered solution for contract management - secure storage, authentication & verification.

Key features include::

  • Storing contracts / documents in a private permissioned blockchain with provable immutability.
  • Uploading contracts / documents in 6000+ file formats.
  • Inviting unlimited users to digitally sign contracts.
  • Searching for stored contracts / documents based on meta data such as title, type and description.
  • Digitally signing contracts / documents using blockchain generated private keys.
  • Creating quick contracts based on pre-approved templates.

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2. Primechain API

There are 2 ways to build a blockchain solution.

Method 1 - Identify the most suitable consensus mechanism, identify the most suitable platform, design the nodes, design the blockchain instance, design the admin and user interfaces, secure the system, ensure regular backups and have a large team monitoring and fixing the solutions. This costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time.

Method 2 - Use Primechain APIs. Go to market in less than a week and pay as you go.

Primechain APIs make it very easy for developers to add blockchain power to legacy and other systems. Primechain APIs are RESTful JSON APIs for interacting with blockchains / distributed ledger systems that allow developers to add blockchain power to their solutions.

Benefits of using Prmechain APIs:

  • Save months of development time.
  • Reduce the development cycle.
  • Vastly increase the security of your applications.
  • Vastly increase the scalability of your applications.

3. Primechain LOAN

Primechain-LOAN is a permissioned, shared, blockchain-powered solution for managing the entire loan syndication process.

Key features include::

  • Managing borrowers
  • Managing Lead / Managing banks
  • Managing Correspondent banks
  • Managing Participating banks
  • Managing Guarantee agents

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4. Primechain CHARGE Registry

Primechain-CHARGE is a blockchain powered register that records all charges (hypothecation, lien, mortgage, pledge etc.) on assets (movable, immovable and intangible).

Key features include::

  • Asset record creation (movable, immovable and intangible).
  • Adding meta data to asset records.
  • Adding charge related data (hypothecation, lien, mortgage, pledge etc).
  • Search and retreive asset charge related data.

5. Primechain KYC

Primechain-KYC is a permissioned, shared, blockchain-powered solution for integrated and shared KYC, AML and CFT (Know Your Customer, Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism).

Key features include::

  • Shared KYC amongst all BankChain members.
  • Sharing of investigation reports, suspicious transaction reports and cross border wire transfer reports.
  • AML, CFT checks against credible publicly available databases.
  • Regulator node which provides regulators with granular access.
  • Records are available to all members as soon as they are entered into Primechain-KYC.
  • Incorporates technology detailed in our US patent pending "Transparent self-managing Know Your Customer (KYC) program using blockchain and smart contracts".

6. Primechain MONEY

Primechain-MONEY is a blockchain and future-tech API (application programming interface) solution for financial markets & institutions. Primechain-MONEY is built to ensure maximum security, scalability and stability and can be used to build new fintech solutions and integrate with existing solutions. These APIs include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Bots
  • Cognitive services
  • Data Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • Smart Contracts

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