Community of banks for implementing blockchain solutions


    BankChain is a community of banks for exploring, building and implementing blockchain solutions.

    From February 2017 through September 2019, the following have been the key achievements of the Bankchain community:

  • 50+ meetings, blockathons, technical training sessions, pilots and proofs-of-concept were conducted.

  • Analysis of 17 blockchain frameworks was carried out.

  • The Blockchain Security Controls have been developed.

  • A blockchain application program interface (API) has been developed.

  • 5 blockchain-powered solutions have been developed and tested for production use.

  • The RBI Regulatory Sandbox Helpdesk has been set up.

Bankchain projects

  • Integrated Invoice Discounting & Trade Credit Insurance Platform. (Details)
  • Blockchain web-service for quick, secure & private electronic signing. (Details)
  • Permissioned blockchain for intra-institutional and inter-institutional sharing of Corporate KYC and Due Diligence information. (Details)
  • Permissioned blockchain for issuance and sharing of Letters of Undertaking, Bank Guarantees, Letters of Credit and other Documentary Credits. (Details)
  • Permissioned blockchain for issuance and consumption of E-Money in 32 currencies. (Details)

Member benefits

  • License to use all Bankchain technology.
  • Access to the Bankchain blockchain test network.
  • Avail the services of the Bankchain Regulatory Sandbox Helpdesk.
  • Invitation to exclusive Bankchain events, technical training sessions and meetings.
  • Representation in Bankchain groups / committees.