Primechain in action

   Introduction to Primechain (3 mins)

   Setting up Primechain (6 mins)

   Components, Plugins & API (15 mins)

Blockchain REST API

Primechain API is an Application Program Interface that can be used to build complex solutions and integrate Blockchain with legacy applications.

API Documentation


Primechain plugins

Primechain plugins are codes containing a group of components and other functions that can integrate seamlessly with Primechain. Currently the following plugins are available:

1. Academic Records Repository
2. Bank Guarantee Platform
3. Business Licenses Repository
4. Loyalty platform
5. Peer-to-peer payment system

Primechain Sandbox

Access the Primechain Sandbox

The best way to try out Primechain web application, PWA, and API is through the Primechain Sandbox.

Click the button below to setup a 10 minute call with us so that we can understand your use-case and provide you appropriate access to the Primechain Sandbox.

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