Electronic Signature Engine (ESE)

Web-service for electronic signing

The problem

    Authentication and verification of the contents of paper-based documents is very challenging:

  • signatures can be forged,
  • unauthorised pages can be inserted into large signed documents,
  • hand-written documents may contain illegible handwriting etc.,
  • sending documents physically for signatures by different counter-parties involves cost & time.

  • Paper based records pose several challenges and suffer from several inherent problems:

  • the need for physical storage space,
  • high environmental costs,
  • high costs & inconvenience of transportation,
  • possibility of counterfeiting,
  • prone to damage due to heat, dust, water and other factors.

The solution

    Electronic Signature Engine (ESE - pronounced 'easy') is a blockchain web-service for quick, secure & private electronic signing.

    The actual document to be signed or verified does not need to be transmitted. Only the hash needs to be transmitted for signature generation & verification. ESE also connects to the Global Repository for Esignatures And Timestamps (GREAT) for instant document verification and proof-of-existence.

    ESE can be used to:

  • Electronically sign documents without revealing actual content.
  • Demonstrate data ownership without revealing actual data.
  • Document time stamping.
  • Prove ownership.
  • Check for document integrity.