Insurance Innovation Initiative

Insurance Innovation Initiative

Community of insurers for implementing blockchain solutions


    The insurance sector is all set for a massive dose of technology, all thanks to the creation of regulatory sandboxes around the globe.

    To assist the Insurance sector to adopt the latest technologies and participate in regulatory sandboxes, the Insurance Innovation Initiative (i3) has been formed by Primechain Technologies.

    Insurance Innovation Initiative (i3) aims to:
  • increase insurance penetration
  • provide enhanced services to policy-holders
  • facilitate orderly growth of the insurance industry
  • create innovative business models, processes and applications
  • facilitate applications to the Regulatory Sandboxes

  • i3 deck

i3 projects

  • Policy issuance on the blockchain
  • Electronic signature platform
  • Loyalty program platform
  • Fraud Repository
  • Shared KYC & Due-diligence Platform
  • Health & Policy Records Repository
  • Vehicle Information Repository
  • Invoice & trade credit insurance platform
  • Smart Contracts enabled Micro Insurance Platform

Member benefits

  • License to use all i3 technology.
  • Access to the i3 blockchain test network.
  • Avail the services of the i3 Regulatory Sandbox Helpdesk.
  • Invitation to exclusive i3 events, technical training sessions and meetings.
  • Representation in i3 groups / committees.