Add blockchain power to your code in minutes


    Today, the Internet enables the movement of data (videos, text, photos and more) globally in milliseconds. But try moving value (money, loyalty points etc.) and you will be surprised by the costs, inefficiencies and time delays.

    Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that enables "internets of value" that can move value in seconds - money, loyalty points, equity shares, bonds, coupons, votes, intellectual property and much more.

    Blockchain solutions can be permissioned (e.g. a Government run land registry) or permission-less (e.g. Bitcoin, where anyone can become a miner). Blockchain solutions can be private (e.g. a contract management system implemented in a pharmaceutical company), public (e.g. an asset backed cryptocurrency) or hybrid (e.g. a group of banks running a shared KYC platform).

Blockchain pain points

  • Installing, configuring, securing, troubleshooting, updating, and maintaining a blockchain ecosystem is a complex and time consuming task.

  • There are 100+ blockchains and distributed ledger systems to choose from.

  • Building blockchain solutions from the ground up is very expensive and time consuming.

  • There is a severe shortage of skilled blockchain developers.

The Primechain approach

    To solve the various blockchain pain points, we have developed Primechain-API: RESTful JSON APIs for interacting with blockchains that allow developers to add blockchain power to their solutions in minutes.

    An application programming interface (API) is an interface or communication protocol which simplifies the building of client-side software.

Benefits of using Primechain-API

  • Save months of development time.
  • Reduce the development cycle.
  • Vastly increase the security of applications.
  • Vastly increase the scalability of applications.

Primechain-API categories

  • Blockchain administration
  • Entity creation & permissions management
  • Digital Signatures
  • Data Streams
  • Smart Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Offer management
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Blockchain based authentication