Programmable blockchain for the trillion-dollar sports industry.


  • Would you like to invest in the career of a highly talented budding sportsperson? Not just for a warm and fuzzy feeling but also for lots of hard cash which he will happily share with you... because without your money his dream career would have remained just a dream.

  • Nikita is 5 years old and loves swimming. She one coach at her residential complex and another at school. Both coaches track her times and routines but don’t talk to each other. If Nikita goes on to become a professional swimmer, she will go through multiple coaches, multiple training disciplines, and multiple specialists. A future professional contract will require that all her past scores, trainings, diet routines, and results be accurate and certified so that a sponsor or contracting authority is awarding benefits commensurate with the performance. All contracts are not the same, as not every swimmer is Michael Phelps. The ability to track the above lifecycle events does not exists as of today.

  • Very soon this and more will be in the grasp of every person on this beautiful planet we call home... thanks to Sports-CHAIN, a programmable blockchain announced by Primechain Technologies.

    Sports-CHAIN will disrupt the trillion-dollar sports industry in more ways than you can imagine. If you are a startup in the sports industry, contact us today.


  • Crowd-funding budding sportspersons and teams through blockchain tokens. Investors’ returns will come as a share of the players / teams future earnings.
  • Tokenization of players and teams. This would enable fans to fund and own sports teams.
  • Authentication, storage, and sharing of sports contracts and sporting data (performance data, metrics, statistics, results).
  • Creation of a marketplace for sharing and monetizing players’ data with relevant stakeholders.
  • Connecting sportspersons directly with their fans. This would enable players to identify and engage with their most loyal followers and super-fans.
  • Enabling clubs to transparently raise funds directly from fans and investors. The returns could be through a share of ticket sales, sponsorships, media rights, etc.
  • Smart tickets to end counterfeit tickets and "ticket scalping".
  • Enhancing fantasy sports.
  • Bringing transparency into drug testing.
  • Global loyalty program for sports merchandise, tickets, etc.
  • Rewarding fans for engagement, interaction and content creation.
  • Simplifying the management of sports broadcasting rights.
  • Tokenization and authentication of sports memorabilia and collectibles.
  • Building marketplaces for digital collectibles.
  • Real-time automated and transparent sports betting, in countries where sports betting is legal.
  • Voting for MVP (Most Valuable Player), player of the month, player of the match, etc.
  • Enabling clubs and teams to issue their own smart tokens and loyalty programs. These can be used by fans, volunteers, partners, sponsors, and others for voting on strategic decisions, hiring infrastructure, buying merchandise, etc.
  • Securing and simplifying data exchange between clubs, leagues, and players.
  • Automating sponsorships through blockchain "smart contracts".
  • Digitization and standardization of sports contracts.